Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the orange crate north of 49

I need to do something on drag racing. Winternationals coming soon.

Picked up a copy of The Rodder's Journal #38. I see from their website that they've sold out so pick it up at the news stands quick.

The cover story is by Albert Drake on The Orange Crate A/A 32 Ford Sedan out of Oregon. Twenty pages. Beautiful car. I haven't got through the article yet but here's a little local connection.

In 1966 The Orange Crate was at a car show up in North Vancouver and scheduled to race at Mission. The Mission race ended up as only being one pass as the car broke during that first run. Lucky people that got to see it race.

Ad for Mission and column by motorsport writer Lee Kelly on the car show both from the Burnaby Examiner, a long gone newspaper. And where is Lee Kelly these days? Still around I hope.

The Revell box image was borrowed from the web.

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