Tuesday, February 19, 2008

imca 1918, part 3

Will get this year finished and then have to miss a few days. (I'm not very good at planning far -- like a day or three -- into the future.)

I like the closing line about Winnipeg knowing who J. Alex Sloan was. He had ties to the area.

So the finish of 1918:

July 26, 1918, Brandon, Manitoba, exhibition, 1/2 mile

rain delayed

July 31, 1918, Brandon, Manitoba, 1/2 mile

--event #1--3 miles--1st, Bill Endicott; 2nd, Ben Gotoff; 3rd, Verne Soules--time, 4:12 1-4

--event #2--5 miles--1st, Clifford Toft; 2nd, Jules Ellingboe; 3rd, Leon Duray--time, 6:41

--event #3--Australian Pursuit handicap--5 miles--1st, Ben Gotoff; 2nd, Vern Soules; 3rd, Sig Haugdahl--time, 9:31

--one mile time trial--Jules Ellingboe, 1:13

--event #5--2 miles--1st, Bill Endicott--time, 2:42

--event #6--Dominion Sweepstakes--5 miles--1st, Leon Duray; 2nd, Clifford Toft; 3rd, Jules Ellingboe--time, 6:31 1-2

August 2, 1918, Regina, Saskatchewan, exhibtion, 1/2 mile

afternoon events

event #1--3 miles--1st, $200; 2nd, $100--1st, Ben Gotoff; 2nd, Bill Endicott; 3rd, Larry Doyle--time, 4:02

event #2--5 miles--1st, $300; 2nd, $200--1st, George Clark; 2nd, Cliff Toft; 3rd, Leon Duray--time, 6:25 4-5

event #3--Australian Pursuit handicap--5 miles--1st, $200--1st, Verne Soules; 2nd, Sig Haugdahl; 3rd, Ben Gotoff--time, 6:38 2-5

event #4--time trials--half mile and one mile--
Bill Endicott 34 4-5 1:10 4-5
Cliff Toft 35 1:09 4-5
Leon Duray 34 4-5 1:09 4-5
Sig Haugdahl 33 1-2 1:07

--Saskatchewan Sweepstakes--5 miles--1st, $1000; 2nd, $300; 3rd, $200--1st, Bill Endicott; 2nd, George Clark; 3rd, Cliff Toft--time, 6:18

August 2, 1918, Regina, Saskatchewan, exhibition, 1/2 mile

evening events

--2 miles--1st, Bill Endicott; 2nd, Verne Soules; 3rd, Larry Doyle--time, 2:44

--Australian Pursuit handicap--2 1/2 miles--1st, George Clark; 2nd, Larry Doyle--time, 3:03 3-5

--Dominion Sweepstakes--1st, George Clark; 2nd, Ben Gotoff; 3rd, Leon Duray--time, 6:41 4-5

--time trials--Endicott, 33 3-5; Duray, 34; Clark, 34

August 5, 1918, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, 1/2 mile (?)

results unknown, was it actually run?

August 8, 1918, Winnipeg, Manitoba, River Park, 1/2 mile

--1st heat--unknown

--2nd heat--unknown

--3rd heat--1st, Clifford Toft

--last heat (heat winners)--1st, Bill Endicott; (Ellingboe and Toft also ran)

--Australian Pursuit handicap--1st, Bob Cline; 2nd, Bill Endicott--time, 3:39 3-5

--time trials--one lap--Leon Duray, 35 3-5

--note: from Manitoba Free Press: “The genial Alex Sloan, who was in charge of the auto party, is well known in Winnipeg, as he spent some time here several years ago as manager for the Happyland amusement place.”

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