Saturday, February 2, 2008

the Latta brothers at Hastings Park, part 2

Some more mentions of the Latta brothers, Chas. and Chet as the newspapers of the day sometimes referred to them. All from 1924.
From the Vancouver Province, June 16, 1924.
From the Vancouver Sun, July 29, 1924.

From the Vancouver Sun, August 16, 1924.

I also have a clipping from the same year about one of the brothers (Chet? I'll have to dig around) getting into trouble with the AAA for being involved with some "outlaw" (not AAA) races. Long Beach, WA I believe. Other drivers were also named, like Jack Ross. Not sure where this all went. I have some stories from the Oregonian and the Vancouver, WA area that might flesh out the story. (Or not.) For a future post. Monday most likely.

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