Friday, February 29, 2008

a couple old photos to close the working week

A couple Pacific northwest drivers from the 1920s/30s. Art Hines and George "Swede" Smith.

Both came up to race at Hastings Park.

The unfortunate part is that both were killed in racing accidents. Hines at Portland and Smith in California.

The photos come from the Scovell collection which has been in the care of Jack Snyder in recent years. Don Radbruch made copies and passed many on to me.

Thanks to all for preserving the history.


Tim and Simone Scovell said...

Hello, I found your page while searching through a google blog search. Art Hines and Swede Smith caught my eye as they were both racing about the same time as my grandpa Art Scovell. Jack Snyder and Don Radbruch have both helped me quite a bit. Another person I would like to tell you about is Albert Drake. I have never met him, but he released a book recently titled 'Northwest Oldtimers' (ISBN 0-936892-21-8). You may find it interesting as it contains quite a few pictures, newspaper clippings, and race results from 30's etc. And of course I was very happy to see my grandpa's brother Bob Scovell on the cover :)
Tim Scovell

befastpast said...

Many thanks for the comments. Don Radbruch was a great friend and managed to copy and pass forward to me many photos that he had borrowed from Jack Snyder.

I haven't read that particular book by Albert Drake. Have a couple others. I'll have to chase it down.

Again thanks,

DreamscapeEagle said...

Art Hines was my Grandfathers half brother. Does anyone else have any records of him during his racing career and also personal life. My brother's and I would like to connect with any relatives.


Paul Lawry