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imca, 1919 part one

It's Wednesday and time for the IMCA recap. Only will need two parts for this year.

Again noticeable for the names: Dave Koetzla went on to work at the Gilmore Stadium midget race track in Los Angeles; Sig Haugdahl's name became synonymous with the IMCA in the years to come; and Irving "Putty" Hoffman's name is mentioned in the most recent issue of The Alternate by future IMCA start Emory Collins. Seems Hoffman was a cousin to Collins and at age 13 Emory got his first chance to drive a real race car, Hoffman's. Might have been this year.

Friday, July 4, 1919, Calgary, Alberta, exhibition, Victoria Park, 1/2 mile

3 miles--B and C cars--1st, Irvin Hoffman, No. 9; 2nd, “Red” Fosser, No. 10; 3rd, Wild Bill Endicott, No. 7--time, 3:52

3 miles--A and B cars--1st, Jules Ellingboe, No. 8; 2nd, Wild Bill Endicott, No. 11; 3rd, Dave Koetzla, No. 14--time, 3:34

time trials--Jules Ellingboe, 1:07 1-5 (NTR); Wild Bill Endicott, 1:10; Dave Koetzla, 1:11; Ray Lampkin, 1:23

matched race--3 miles--Wild Bill Endicott defeated Dave Koetzla--time, 3:35 2-5

handicap race--2 miles--1st, Claypool, No. 17; 2nd, Hoffman, No. 9; Lampkin, No. 5 dropped out--time, 2:31 3-5

Rocky Mountain Sweepstakes--15 laps--1st, Dave Koetzla, No. 14; 2nd, Lampkin, No. 10; 3rd, Claypool, No. 17--time, 8:57 3-5

July 5, 1919, Calgary, Alberta, exhibition, Victoria Park, 1/2 mile


--1st race--consolation handicap--1st, Bill Endicott; 2nd, Claypool--time, 2:21 3-5

--2nd race--match race--3 miles--1st, Jules Ellingboe; 2nd, Bill Endicott--time, 3:36 1-5

--3rd race--5 miles--1st, Endicott; 2nd, R. Claypool; 3rd, Hoffman--time, 6:15 2-5

--4th race--time trial--2 miles--Jules Ellingboe, 2:16

--5th race --Australian Pursuit race--1st, Ray Lampkin; 2nd, Hoffman--time, 3:50 3-5

--6th race--Dominion Sweepstakes--1st, Bill Endicott; 2nd, Ray Lampkin; 3rd, Ellingboe--time, 9:11 3-5

evening races

--1st race--2 miles--free-for-all handicap--1st, Ray Lampkin; 2nd, Bill Endicott; 3rd, R. Claypool--time, 2:31 2-5

--2nd race--2 miles--free-for-all--1st, Bill Endicott; 2nd, Jules Ellingboe; 3rd, Ray Lampkin--time, 2:30 1-5

--3rd race--2 miles--championship event--Koetzla loses wheel in race with Ellingboe going to 3rd lap.

Monday, July 7, 1919, Edmonton, Alberta, exhibition, 1/2 mile

--time trials--one mile--1st, Jules Ellingboe, 1:05; Ray Lampkin, 1:09 2-5; Wild Bill Endicott, 32 2-5 for half-mile then broke

--2 miles--A and B cars--1st, 1st, Wild Bill Endicott; 2nd, Jules Ellingboe; 3rd, Dave Koetzla (or Lampkin)--time, 2:22 4-5

--3 miles--B and C cars--1st, Red Fosser; 2nd, Sig Haugdahl; 3rd, Irvin Hoffman; 4th, Ray Claypool--time, 3:40 4-5

--5 miles--championship race--1st, Jules Ellingboe; 2nd, Red Fosser; 3rd, Irvin Hoffman--time, 6:14 4-5

Saturday, July 12, 1919, Edmonton, Alberta, exhibition, 1/2 mile


--mile--Jules Ellingboe, 1:06 4-5

--event #6--15 laps--Northwestern Sweepstakes--1st, Wild Bill Endicott; 2nd, Jules Ellingboe; 3rd, Dave Koetzla--time, 8:56

--3 miles--light cars--1st, Red Fosser; 2nd, Putty Hoffman; 3rd, Ray Claypool--time, 3:50 2-5

--3 miles--heavy cars--1st, Koetzla; 2nd, Bill Endicott; 3rd, Ellingboe--time, 3:41 2-5

--2 miles--match race--1st, Ellingboe; 2nd, Endicott--time, 2:20 2-5

evening races

rained out

July 19, 1919, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, exhibition

--mile--Jules Ellingboe, 1:06 3-4 (NTR, old 1:12 4-5)

--two miles--Ellingboe, 2:12 3-5 (NTR, old 2:16 4-5)

--1st race--light cars--3 miles--1st, Putty Hoffman; 2nd, Ray Claypool; 3rd, Red Fosser--time, 3:53 2-5

--3 miles--1st, Dave Koetzla (Maxwell); 2nd, Bill Endicott (Rahe Special); 3rd, Jules Ellingboe (Briscoe); 4th, Ray Lampkin (Briscoe)--time, 3:34 3-5

--flying start--one mile--Bill Endicott, 1:27 2-5; Ellingboe, 1:06 3-4; Dave Koetzla, 2:00

--4th race--2 miles--pursuit handicap--1st, Jack Palmer; 2nd, Ray Claypool; 3rd, Putty Hoffman--time, 2:27

--5th race--3 miles--match race--1st, Ellingboe; 2nd, Endicott--time, 3:18 4-5

--final event--15 laps--Hudson Bay Sweepstakes--1st, Dave Koetzla

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