Monday, February 18, 2008

more recent microfilm morgue findings

All over the map these last couple days.

Looking at the Chilliwack Progress from 1965 and 1966 (not completed yet). The Chilliwack Motorcycle Club definitely is the most active as far as the newspaper is concerned. Names like Vic and Rod Hudson, and Bob Nitschke. I had known about Totem Raceways being in operation by 1966 and that is covered by the paper but I hadn't known about local scrambles being held at "River View" on Vedder Mountain.

Also went out on a chilly sunny day to Point Grey and looked at the Prince George Citizen of 1969. Most of the coverage was for PGARA Speedway, but there were scrambles and drag races either advertised for or results given for. Names in the oval world like Brian Green and Cliff Hucul (who would go on to start a few Indy 500s).

And, finally (well it's never final), I looked at the Seattle P-I during 1916. Just trying to finish off something started years ago. It didn't get finished but that's okay too. Reports of racing in Spokane and Tacoma. One interesting item on Rae Lentz winning the first Pike's Peak hill climb in the Romano Special. Both raced at Vancouver's Hastings Park. Interesting listings of future events to be held across the U.S.

Also noted that Charles Latta was part of the 1916 AAA at Tacoma. Also Pete Henderson, the first Canadian (from Fernie, BC) to start the Indy 500, finished fifth. Funny, can't find a mention of Pete's Canadian heritage yet in the coverage. Oh well, more research.

Lots to sort out.


Anonymous said...

Just a quick comment about the racing in Chilliwack. The first motocross races were held on Ryder Lake, in the hills east of Chilliwack in 1962. They were there for 2 years then moved to Chilliwack Mountain, the Fraserview track where they were promoted by the Chilliwack Motorcycle Club. After about 4 years the club split in two and in so doing the races were never promoted again. Two years later Vern Amor promoted a race at the foot of the mountain by the river but it wasn't succesful and never done again. Tw hill climbs were also promoted by the club on the same mountain around 1965.
I was the president of the club for a couple of years during that time and my Father and I were two of the three founding members of the club.
Rod Hudson

befastpast said...

Thanks Rod for the additional information.