Thursday, February 28, 2008

Langley Speedway, June 13, 1965

It's amazing to find out how much I don't really know about things like Langley Speedway's opening day.

I suppose I should add that this is the Official Opening Day, June 13, 1965. If there were earlier races (some tracks do that to get the bugs out) I haven't come across any information on anything like that.

So I'm taking Sunday, June 13, 1965 as the first race at Langley (until proven otherwise).

The information comes from the Vancouver Sun, June 14, 1965; the Surrey Leader, June 17, 1965; and the Langley Advance, June 17, 1965.

3000 people attended the races, 32 cars timed in. The official starter for the races was Wally Feaner of Bellingham, WA.

Len Jones of Cloverdale was fast time. A bit of confusion whether his time was 16.2 seconds or not.

The first winner of the first race at Langley, according to the Advance, was George Cook in a modified stock.

Len Jones won the 20-lap A main.

Gary Destobel, North Vancouver, won the B main.

Reinhard Unruh, New Westminster, won the stock (modified) main.

Zeb Godfried, Ladner, won the jalopy main.

Doug Thompson (no. 100s) tested the wall with his machine and found it satisfactory.

And additions or corrections are most welcome.

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