Saturday, February 9, 2008

Jack Williams at the Winternationals

Holy cow! The Winternationals are this weekend. Daytona Speedweek is on. I think the Thunderbird Rally is this week (and I haven't sorted out when the first one of those was, if I ever will).

This racin' history stuff is demanding!

So what to do but put up a picture of "legal" street racing. Way back when (1963?) Jack Williams set out to go to the Winternationals. But to do that he needed a test run or two. So he did it on the streets (albeit back industrial streets) of Vancouver. And the newspaper took a shot of it.

As far as I know (and I know so little) Jack got a best appearing car trophy for his trip south.

Really Jack deserves much more than this snippet. And he will get more in future posts. But this is a start. A green light if you will.

(From the Dennis Lester collection.)

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