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IMCA 1918, part one

Things get busy for the IMCA in Canada in 1918. Racing in both the prairies and central Canada. Gonna have to break this up into more manageable segments.

The inclusion of aircraft during these tours, west and east, just adds to the "show biz" aspect of the International Motor Contest Association.

June 29, 1918, Toronto, Ontario, exhibition park, 1/2 mile, under auspices of Sportsmen’s Patriotic Association

event #1--3 miles (flying start)--1st, Disbrow; 2nd, Chevrolet--time, 3:33 3-5

event #2--3 miles (flying start)--300 cu. in. piston displacement or less--1st, Wonderlich; 2nd, Woodbury; 3rd, D’Alene--time, 3:35

event #3--against time, one lap (flying start)--1st, Wonderlich, 33 3-5; 2nd, Woodbury, 34; 3rd, Disbrow, 34

event #4--handicap pursuit race--5 mile limit--1st, Disbrow--time, 6:07 3-5--2nd, D’Alene; 3rd, Woodbury.

event #5--cancelled (Disbrow with Christie car?)

event #6--novelty and wheel changing--1st, Chevrolet; 2nd, Disbrow

event #7--free for all--3 miles--1st, Chevrolet--time, 3:50 1-5

July 4, 1918, Calgary, Alberta, Victoria Park, 1/2 mile

event #1--3 miles--1st, Leon Duray; 2nd, Verne Soules; 3rd, Bill Endicott--time, 4:12 2-5

event #2--5 miles--1st, Jules Ellingboe; 2nd, Leon Duray; 3rd, Cliff Toft--no time given

event #3--Australian Pursuit--5 miles--1st, Sig Haugdahl; 2nd, No. 31, Verne Soules; 3rd, Leon Duray--time, 7:19 3-5

event #4--time for mile--Bill Endicott, 1:16 3-5; Jules Ellingboe, 1:16--cancelled after that due to poor track conditions

event #5--3 miles--1st, Bill Endicott; 2nd, Jules Ellingboe; 3rd, Bill Endicott--no time given

event #6--Canadian National Sweepstakes--10 miles--1st, Sig Haugdahl (Fiat)--no time given

July 5, 1918, Calgary Alberta, Victoria Park, 1/2 mile

afternoon events

event #1--??

event #2--Special Division--5 miles--1st, Jules Ellingboe (Briscoe); 2nd, Clifford Toft (Maxwell); 3rd, Verne Soules (National)--time, 7:07 1-2

event #3--1st heat of free-for-all--2 miles--1st, Leon Duray (Case);2nd, Bill Endicott (Hudson); 3rd, Larry Doyle (Case)--time, 2:48 1-5

event #4--2nd heat of free-for-all--2 miles--1st, Jules Ellingboe (Briscoe); 2nd, Clifford Toft (Maxwell); 3rd, Verne Soules (National)--time, 2:47 2-5

event #5--consolation handicap--5 miles--1st, Bob Cline (Bullet); 2nd, Verne Soules (National); 3rd, Larry Doyle (Grant)--no time given

event #6--final free-for-all--5 miles--1st, Bill Endicott (Hudson); 2nd, Jules Ellingboe (Wisconsin Special); 3rd, Clifford Toft (Maxwell)--time, 2:43 1-5

event #7--Calgary Sweepstakes--5 miles--1st, Clifford Toft (Maxwell); 2nd, Leon Duray (Briscoe); 3rd, Jules Ellingboe (Wisconsin Special); 4th Verne Soules (National)--no time given

July 5, 1918, Calgary, Alberta, Victoria Park, 1/2 mile

evening events

event #1--2 miles--1st, Leon Duray; 2nd, Clifford Toft (Maxwell); 3rd, Bill Endicott (Hudson)--time, 2:41 2-5

event #2--Australian Pursuit Handicap--5 miles--1st, Sig Haugdahl (Fiat); 2nd, Verne Soules (National)--time, 6:37

event #3--championship drive--2 miles--1st, Bill Endicott; 2nd, tie between Jules Ellingboe and Sig Haugdahl--time, 2:41

Saturday, July 6, 1918, Ottawa, Ontario, Lansdowne Park, 1/2 mile, Great War Veterans’ Association

event #1--3 miles--match race--1st, Gaston Chevrolet (Sunbeam); 2nd, Louis Disbrow (Zip)--time, 4:12

event #2--3 miles open--1st, Braren--alsoran, “Red” D’Alene and Wonderlich--time, 4:19

event #3--time trials--Gaston Chevrolet, 37 3-5; Wonderlich 39; Waldo, 39 3-5

event #4--handicap pursuit race--5 miles--1st, Gaston Chevrolet--alsoran, Disbrow, D’Alene, Wonderlich--time, 7:19

event #5--novelty and wheel change--1st, Louis Disbrow (assisted by Wonderlich), 15 seconds; 2nd, Chevrolet

event #6--Louis Disbrow in Barney Oldfield’s old car, a Christie front-drive 200 h.p.--got a flying start from Chevrolet, in his Sunbeam, and did the half in 40 3-5

event #7--free-for-all sweepstakes?--cancelled due to damaged cars

event #8--1st, Eddie Emmerson (Oldsmobile); 2nd, Walter Delsher (Chevrolet)--5 laps

event #9--Ruth Law over Gaston Chevrolet in air vs. auto race

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