Sunday, January 13, 2008

mission statement

So what is it I'm trying to accomplish?

What seems like a helluva long time ago I started working on a supposed history of auto racing in the Greater Vancouver, BC area. It started with four tracks myself, and a friend, were aware of: Digney Speedway, False Creek Speedway, Haney Speedway and Langley Speedway. We thought they followed one after the other but that wasn't quite correct. And the further I researched -- he went back to spending time and a lot of money on a race car, I stuck with time and a little less money on research -- the more I realized the less I knew about this area and the areas that came in contact with this area vis a vis auto racing.

The book we were supposed to write unfortunately hasn't materialized yet although some information has seen print. Along the way I've met some people with a greater zest for racing history than I have. Plus they had a greater knowledge as they'd lived it. They've helped me carry on and even though some have passed on to what in older times was called "the golden speedway" the momentum of finding things I never knew about keeps me going.

So from those four speedways that operated from 1948 to 1984 there was lots of other things going on both before and after as well as at the same time in other forms of racing.

And that's what this blog is going to be all about Charlie Brown.

Hopefully daily but at least once or twice a week. And hopefully having some fun with it as well as trying to get the history right.

(If you want to comment hopefully it's an easy process. Click the anonymous button, say your peace on me doing right or wrong, sign it or don't, then hit preview or publish (definitely publish when your happy) and I'll get a message (I hope) and read it. And then run it. Guess that makes me the editor here. I kinda like that. And I kinda hope you like what I'm trying to do. Let me know.)


Redfox said...

My name is Harry Roberts. I belonged to the B.C.T.R.A And raced a early-Late. It was a 49 Ford Unlike the Pres. they were not old pre war cars with there fenders tore off. Whene you won a race the news paper would get your name wrong then people like urself would report on this assuming great knowlege. Wrong my name is not Harry Robertson.I went on to race a sprint car.

Redfox said...

P.S. I have probably one of the only Year book. of the club and its members. I told th e higher ups i was willing to share this with them and the respnse was volinter my time at the re union. Verey funny. For one i liveon the island now and have Parkinsons I dont think any body cares what the other person is doing. My neghbours were Doug Thompson Ron Lamont Barry Chambrlin My friends wereDick Brooks Al Smith son wrked for me I first stated crew member in Digney Speedway for Earl sponsered by the Wild Duck inn

befastpast said...

Nah, I don't assume "great knowledge". And I know the newspapers got it wrong then, and get it wrong now. We need things to be corrected. And I thank you for doing some of that with your response.

Roy Cobden said...

I love the old pics & info you've dug up & posted.

Have you ever had any contact with Rod Henderson ( webmaster)? He's got some historical stuff posted too, like this article on the Winston West races in Canada.

Also, check out the "ghost speedways" on the menu which has a BC section.

Brian Harvey said...

The Vintage Racing Club of British Columbia still exists and races out at the Road Course at Mission Raceway Park on the same weekends as the Sports Car Club of British Columbia. The Vintage Club hosts monthly meetings of drivers, fans and enthusiasts. These involve rule changes and updates for current events and plenty of bench racing for those who are enthusiasts. They are always looking for new and old people to talk to and guests are always welcome.

The next meeting is tonight, March 20, 2012 at 7pm at the Burnaby Rugby Club House. Or go to to see when and where the meetings are.