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IMCA 1917, part one

The International Motor Contest Association comes to the prairies in earnest. Rather than make this one long list of results I'll split it over a few weeks. So this is Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton results culled from the newspapers of the day.

July 4, 1917, Calgary, Alberta, Victoria Park, 1/2 mile

event #1--one mile--1st, George Clark; 2nd, Fred Horey; 3rd, Dave Koetzla; 4th, Ben Giroux; also ran: Bob Klein, Jay Jewett, Jules Ellinboe, Charles Hawkins, Floyd Willard--time, 1:07

event #2--prize: 1st, $200; 2nd, $100--3 miles--1st, Ellingboe; 2nd, Jewett; 3rd, Willard; 4th, Kline--time, 3:50

event #3--prize: 1st, $200; 2nd, $100--3 miles--1st, Horey; 2nd, Clark; 3rd, Giroux--time, 3:43

event #4--3 laps--novelty with tire change--1st, Koetzla--time, 2:24 1-5--tire change done in 24 1-4 seconds

event #5--five mile free-for-all (1st heat)--prize $1000--1st, Koetzla; 2nd, Horey; 3rd, Willard--time, ??

event #6--10 lap Australian handicap pursuit race--1st, Clark; 2nd, Ellingboe--time, 5:58 1-5

July 5, 1917, Calgary, Alberta, Victoria Park, 1/2 mile

--3 mile--1st, Koetzla; 2nd, Bob Klein; 3rd, Floyd Willard--time, 3:52 3-5

--3 mile free-for-all--1st, Ellingboe

--novelty tire change--1st, Ben Giroux

--mile--1st, George Clark, 1:08
2nd, Horey, 1:08 4-5
3rd, Koetzla, 1:12 3-5

--5 mile free-for-all (2nd heat)--1st, George Clark; 2nd, Jules Ellingboe; 3rd, Ben Giroux; 4th, Chad Jewett--time, 6:18 4-5

--Australian Pursuit--5 miles--1st, Clark; 2nd, Horey; 3rd, Willard

--note: fatal accident: Frederick W. Seigel of Calgary during trial run.

July 7, 1917, Red Deer, Alberta, fair ground (?), 1/2 mile (?)

--official elimination trial--1/2 mile--
Jay Jewett, 40 seconds
Bob Klein, 41
Dave Koetzla, 39
Jules Ellingboe, 38
Floyd Willard, 41
George Clark, 37 4-5
Ben Giroux, 39

--3 miles--1st, Jewett; 2nd, Willard; 3rd, Klein--time, 4:19

--3 miles--1st, Clark; 2nd, Koetzla; 3rd, Giroux--time 4:31 (in this race Clark and Koetzla were tied at the finish and raced another lap with a flying start, Clark just nosing out out Koetzla)

--novelty--tire change--Koetzla, 16 seconds

--3 mile free-for-all--1st, Clark; 2nd, Ellingboe; 3rd, Giroux--time, ??

--Australian handicap--10 laps--1st, Koetzla; 2nd, Klein--time, ??

July 13, 1917, Edmonton, Alberta, Exhibition grounds, 1/2 mile

event #1--3 miles--1st, $200; 2nd, $100--1st, Chad Jewett (Ford); 2nd, Floyd Willard (Prince Henry); 3rd, Bob Kline (Scat)--time, 4:07 1-5

event #2--3 miles--1st, $200; 2nd, $100--1st, George Clark (Case); 2nd, Floyd Willard (Prince Henry); 3rd, Horey (Fiat)--time, 3:46 3-5

event #3--novelty race--Dave Koetzla (Case) and Ben Giroux (Sunbeam) made tire changes in 18 seconds and the distance, 1 1/2 miles, in 2:13 3-5

event #4--free-for-all (1st heat)--1st, $500; 2nd, $300; 3rd, $100--1st, Fred Horey (Fiat); 2nd, Chad Hewett (Ford); 3rd, Dave Koetzla (Case); 4th, Jules Ellingboe (Briscoe)--time, 6:22

event #5--Australian Pursuit race--1st, $200--5 miles--1st, Fred Horey (Fiat); 2nd, Floyd Willard (Prince Henry); 3rd, Jules Ellingboe (Briscoe)--time, 6:15 2-5

event #6--free-for-all (2nd heat)--5 miles--1st, Floyd Willard; 2nd, George Clark (Case); 3rd, Ben Giroux (Sunbeam); 4th, Bob Kline (Scat)--time, 6:05 4-5

note: from Edmonton Journal: noted that Sloan announced the tire change time as a world’s record. “The affable official was probably kidding the populace a trifle but nobody minds a little ‘bull’ now and again.”

July 14, 1917, Edmonton, Alberta, Exhibition, 1/2 mile

event #1--matched race, 3 miles--1st, Floyd Willard; 2nd, Chad Jewett--time, 3:57

event #2--Australian Pursuit race--5 miles--1st, Dave Koetzla; 2nd, Jules Ellingboe; 3rd, Ben Giroux; 4th, Bob Kline--time, 6:20

event #3--free-for-all (final heat)--3 miles--1st, George Clark; 2nd, Fred Horey; 3rd, Floyd Willard--time, 3:33 2-5

event #4--novelty race, one mile including tire change--1st, Ben Giroux; 2nd, Dave Koetzla--time, 1:44 with tire change at 14 3-5 (a new “world’s record”?)

event #5--3 cornered match race--3 miles--1st, Ben Giroux; 2nd, Jules Ellingboe; 3rd, Dave Koetzla--time, 3:40 1-5

event #6--official world’s time trials--one mile--Floyd Willard (Prince Henry), 1:09 1-5; Fred Horey (Fiat), 1:10; George Clark (Case), 1:07 2-5--Canadian record for one mile on a half mile track is 1:07

event #7--free-for-all handicap--2 miles--1st, Fred Horey; 2nd, Chad Jewett; 3rd, Bob Kline; 4th, Floyd Willard; 5th, George Clark--time, 2:20 2-5

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