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IMCA 1917, part two

Quickly, before the scheduled power outage.

Second part of the 1917 IMCA race results from the prairies.

July 20, 1917, Brandon, Manitoba, Provincial Exhibition, 1/2 mile (?)


--time trials--George Clark, 1:09; Fred Horey, 1:09

--free-for-all--1st, George Clark; 2nd, Fred Horey; 3rd, Chad Jewett; 4th, Floyd Willard

--Ford match--1st, Willard; 2nd, Jewett

--3 cornered--1st, Ellingboe

--Australian pursuit--1st, Ellingboe

--free-for-all handicap--1st, Floyd Willard (Prince Henry)


--Horey won two races

--Willard and Koetzla won a race each

note: that’s all the Manitoba Free Press had to say about that

July 28, 1917, Regina, Saskatchewan, exhibition, 1/2 mile (?)

event #1--3 miles--for cars of 300 cu. in. (?)--1st, Floyd Willard; 2nd, Dave Koetzla; 3rd, Bob Klein--time, 4:12

event #2--3 miles--1st, George Clark; 2nd, Dave Koetzla; 3rd, Ben Giroux; 4th, Jules Ellingboe--time, 4:06 1-4

event #3--3 miles--match race between Floyd Willard (Prince Henry) and Bob Klein (No. 7 Scat)--1st, Willard--time, 4:15

event #4--pursuit handicap--1st, Jules Ellingboe; 2nd, Fred Horey; 3rd, Ben Giroux; 4th Dave Koetzla--time, 6:52 1-2

event #5--novelty race--3 laps--1st, Ben Giroux; 2nd, Fred Horey--time of wheel change 10 seconds--new world’s record (hooray! announced by Billy Rogers who raced in Regina as far back as 1907 so it must be true)--old record 11 2-5

event #6--5 miles--free-for-all--1st, Fred Horey; 2nd, Jules Ellingboe; 3rd, George Clark; 4th, Ben Giroux--time, 6 minutes flat

August 4, 1917, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, exhibition, 1/2 mile

event #1--3 miles--1st, Dave Koetzla (Case); 2nd, Floyd Willard (Ford); 3rd, Bob Klein (Scat)--time, 4:03

event #2--3 miles--1st, Ben Giroux (Sunbeam); 2nd, George Clark (Case); 3rd, Jules Ellingboe (Briscoe); 4th, Dave Koetzla (Case)--time, 3:55

event #3--3 miles--match race--1st, Bob Klein (Fiat); 2nd, Floyd Willard--time, 4:00

event #4--Australian Pursuit Handicap--4 miles--1st, Jules Ellingboe; 2nd, Fred Horey; 3rd, Ben Giroux; 4th, Dave Koetzla--time, 6:00

event #5--novelty tire change--1st, Fred Horey, 14 3-5; 2nd, Ben Giroux, 19 1-5

event #6--free-for-all--5 miles--1st, Fred Horey (Fiat); 2nd, Jules Ellingboe (Briscoe)--no time given

event #7--mile for time--George Clark (Case), 1:08 4-5; Fred Horey (Fiat), 1:09 3-5

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