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Saturday, July 29, 1978, Langley

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Saturday, July 29, 1978

limited super stocks and claimers

limited super stock fast time

Al Adams, NTR, 16.05. Old record, Buddy Lynds, 16.06

claimer B dash

1 – Ray Dizenbachs

claimer A dash

1 – unknown

limited super stock dash

1 – unknown

claimer heat two

1 – Ray Dizenbachs

no other heat information.

Claimer consolation main

1 – Ray Dizenbachs
2 – Wilf Kasper, Aldergrove
3 – Dave Kinghorn, Vancouver

claimer main (25 laps, 18 start, 7 finish)

1 – Danny Villeneuve
2 – unknown
3 – unknown

Lap two, Lloyd Hill clipped into the back fence, clipped again in turn four and went into inside pit fence. A pole dropped onto Lloyd DeJong's limited super stock. Fourth time in two years the pit fence has been taken out.

Lap five, Illingby dropped oil all around the track. Ten minute delay to clean up.

Restart with one green lap, then Harold Oliver and Vern Keith tangled.

Gordie Harding in lead when Ron Lester and Tonis Kaest crashed and spun into Harding putting Villeneuve into the lead.

Limited super stock main (13 started)

1 – Al Adams
2 – Lloyd DeJong
3 – Bruce Browne

limited super stock points to date

1 – Al Adams, 262
2 – Nick Mannes
3 – Lloyd DeJong
4 – Dennis Hollingsworth

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