Monday, August 24, 2015

a kart video

I posted this video a while back. The guy who put it together, John Denniston, was at the BC Historic Motor Races last weekend out at Mission. Figure I should post again with credit going to him.

Here's the description from the youtube link:

Go kart racing on the sprint track at Westwood Racing Circuit near Vancouver BC, at Thrashers Corner near Seattle, Washington and at the Puget Sound Go Kart Association's track south of Tacoma. As of 2011 only the Tacoma track is still in existence. The film was shot in 1978 and 1979 and shows drivers from the Westwood Karting Association competing in races sanctioned by the International Kart Federation. The film was used to promote karting and the Westwood Karting Association at trade shows. Drivers featured in the film include Ralph Oakes, Ruddy Chong, Glen Mackenzie, John Fey, David Lehmann, Luckie Kuosmanen, Kevin Nelson and Kerry Nelson. The film was shot on 16mm film with an Arri ST by John Denniston of Vancouver. Editing was done by Jana Fritsch of Montage Editing in Vancouver. Music is from Little Mountain Studios also in Vancouver. The voice over is former CBC announcer Gordon Hunt. Sound recording was by John Denniston which was mixed in an empty CBC studio by a man whose name I can't remember. The final mix was done by Alpha Cine in Vancouver. The copyright to this film belongs to John Denniston.

I recognize a couple names: Ralph Oakes was karting in the 1960s and I saw a story on him in senior magazine -- apparently he's still karting; and John Fey -- a U.S. karter who came up to Canada and when I helped a karter down in the U.S. 25 years ago John was still racing.

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