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Sunday, June 4, 1972, Langley Speedway

First appearance of the super modifieds in 1972.

Sunday, June 4, 1972

Super modifieds -- Washington Racing Association and B.C. Track Racing Association

3000 in attendance.

Fast time: Bud Hoelzle, 14.33 (old record, Tom Sneva, 14.46).
Larry Sproule, rear-engined AMC, 14,63 (old local record, Barry Chamberlain, 14.84).

A dash

1 -- Don McLeod, Tacoma

B dash

1 -- Lloyd Armey, Sedro Wooley

Heat race info: poor

Cal Arnold lost a wheel in his heat.

John Tharp and Bob McLees tangled with Tharp getting wedged into the fence.

First heat

1 -- Frank Fletcher
2 -- Barry Chadwick
3 -- Bob Wills

B main

1 -- John Carroll, Stanwood, WA
2 -- Larry Rauch, Bremerton, Wa
3 -- Al Tesch

Barry Chadwick (Langley) and Ed Pearson (WA) locked wheels on front straight. Chadwick hit the fence and flilpped landing in field outside of turn one. Unhurt.

A main (40 laps)

1 -- Casey Stangel, rear-engine, Bonner’s Ferry, ID
2 -- Ray Pottinger, Nanaimo
3 -- Bob Gregg

With two laps left Gregg shunted Sproule out of the way.

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