Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sunday, September 12, 1971, Langley Speedway

Not a very good, or understandable, collection of race results as I wonder if some guys won the races or won the championships.

Sunday, September 12, 1971

A and B super stocks, mini stocks

Championship races.

Mini stock dash

1 -- Pete Jensen, Bothell, WA, VW

B super stock dash

1 -- Garwin Wilson

A super stock dash

1 -- Gordie Hemrich

Mini stock heat

1 -- Pete Jensen

Not sure if any other heats were run.

Mini stock main

1 -- Pete Jensen
2 -- Rich Parks, Seattle, WA
3 -- Darrel McLean, Jr., Seattle, WA

B super stock main

1 -- Brad Baerg

A super stock main

1 -- Gordie Hemrich

CORA super stock champ: Gordie Hemrich

BCTRA super stock champ: Don Gibson

LARA/CORA early-late champ: Lou Ferguson

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